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[Post Game Thread] The Washington Wizards (20-33) defeat the Utah Jazz (40-14), 125 - 121




[–]Wizards JanVesely24 231 指標 3小時前

The West runs through the Wizards!


[–]Wizards thinkrispys 37 指標 3小時前

Wizards 12-10 against the West


[–]Clippers vanotro 67 指標 3小時前

7-2 against Jazz, Suns, Clips, Nugs, and Lakers


[–]Thunder Larssszzzz 28 指標 3小時前

Really need to see the Wizards in the playoffs just to see what chaos they can cause.


[–]Kings GunsmokeIV 88 指標 3小時前

The Wizards greatest weakness are the Wizards themselves.


[–]Wizards Darkblade511 35 指標 3小時前

The Wizards could be up by 50 and the opposing team would still make a comeback.


[–]Thunder Hailstorm16 23 指標 3小時前

On the bright side, Wizards could be down by 50 and then I can still see them making a comeback


[–]Wizards phrex329 264 指標 3小時前

I genuinely don't understand this team.


[–]Grizzlies EatDeeply 125 指標 3小時前

You literally have a HOF player on your team. Anything can happen any night.


[–]Raptors NewestBalance6 8 指標 2小時前

Whatever just keep winning lol


[–]Celtics Apprehensive-Many-70 45 指標 3小時前

Nobody wants to face the Wizards in the first round


[–][UTA] Gordan Giricek trakavica 19 指標 3小時前

If they make it to the play-in, I can easily see them beating the Pacers and the Knicks.


[–]Wizards ZuluBaz 20 指標 3小時前

Think the Knicks would destroy us



[–]NBA BooyahX 91 指標 3小時前

The Wizards can only beat top teams.


[–]Lakers Keagan458 5 指標 3小時前

I feel like the wizards only play good when they’re playing against contenders lol


[–][MEM] De'Anthony Melton epicnerd427 4 指標 2小時前

I feel like the Wizards can beat anyone, but are so bad outside of the Westbrook/Beal takeover potential that they can't beat anyone reliably. Its literally just a matter of if Beal drops 30+ and Westbrook is bestbrook - if either is a no, Wizards lose. If both are yes, Wizards win. Opponent does not matter.


[–]Jazz blocking_butterfly 13 指標 2小時前

Some nights Westbrook is the best basketball player on the planet


[–]Infamous_Syllabub_45 269 指標 3小時前

He was absolutely outstanding in the clutch when the rest of the team was completely choking


[–]Thunder Larssszzzz 118 指標 3小時前

Beal with those 2 missed free throws late, meanwhile Westbrook can't miss.


[–]Washington Bullets WFT_simp 19 指標 3小時前

Beal fell asleep in the clutch and Russ had to take over, what’s new.


[–]Lakers JimmytheGent2020 10 指標 2小時前

Beal, a top 15 player for the first 3.5 quarters. Bottom 15 in the last 6 minutes. Dude shits his pants in the clutch.



Even though I haven’t watched much of him prior to this season Beal is really not particularly good in the clutch lol

Amazing player but seems to go cold at the worst moments



[–]Grizzlies EatDeeply 7 指標 3小時前

Beal really can get spooked in the clutch. I’m reminded of some playoff games middle of the last decade.


[–]Wizards Power-Fantastic 3 指標 3小時前

Nah he just choked a couple free throws. Even the best of the best have done it.


[–]Washington Bullets WFT_simp 45 指標 3小時前

Well now u can, no one really watches this wizards so he kinda gets away with it. He’s also shielded by the fact that Russ is always taking the shots in the clutch time so u don’t see many clips of brad missing big shots.


[–]Grizzlies EatDeeply[S] 20 指標 3小時前

He used to rely on John Wall for the 4th when Wall was on the team. Beal can’t handle the pressure


[–]Wizards Neversoft4long 12 指標 2小時前

You might get hate with this but you are right. Beals the type of dude who can carry for 3 and half quarters but if that game is close coming towards the end dude just starts missing the easiest shots. Love him to death but that’s the unfortunate truth



[–]Wizards ZuluBaz 155 指標 3小時前

It's crazy how Russ has normalised these stat lines man


[–][ATL] Dennis Schroder online_predator 55 指標 2小時前

Yeah, lame how much shit he gets, dude is such an entertaining player and theres not really anyone else like him



The man is a superstar. We expect this and don't give him enough credit anymore. Excellence fatigue.


[–]randomrocketsfan 20 指標 3小時前

As a certified Westbrook hater, I can confirm that this was definitely one of his best games of the season. He came up big in the clutch.


[–]Jazz FireYeti 26 指標 3小時前

He was incredible, absolutely in control down the stretch. It often feels like he is two different players, where either I am laughing or terrified when he shoots a long 2 in crunch time. I was rightfully terrified when he shot his long 2's tonight


[–]Patrick Mahomies 58 指標 3小時前

If Wizards get to the 10 seed, I promise you Westbrook will get them to the playoffs.


[–]Thunders neezeallday 17 指標 3小時前

Westbrook leading the league in assists again, such a stat padder


[–]DeadFamilyMan 6 指標 1小時前

On a shit shooting team.


[–]Nuggets KD_Needs_SuperTeams 206 指標 3小時前

Remember when this sub decided he was the worst player in the NBA?


[–]Raptors MolicOnePGR 69 指標 3小時前

I’m still greatly offended nephews dared to compare John Wall to Russ.


[–]Knicks jukinabahunew 126 指標 3小時前

According to the nerds here his TS is bad so that makes him garbage



Russ has always been so clutch. I miss him so much


[–]Raptors MolicOnePGR 34 指標 3小時前

Russ needs to end back on the Thunder, somehow, someway.


[–]Suns bdm016 15 指標 3小時前

I could definitely see that happening in a few years



[–]Nuggets CourageDog12 106 指標 3小時前

Jazz really tried until the end but they were no match from the confusing Wizards


[–][UTA] Keon Clark ArnoldJudasRimmer 190 指標 3小時前

The only team that scares me are the 20-21 Washington Wizards


[–]nightlink011 85 指標 3小時前

We can't defend them, and they hit every mid range how are they 20-33.


[–]Wizards blitzKriegzzz 33 指標 3小時前

Beal/Bertans have been out a lot lately, and our offense is shit w/o them .. since we're already missing Bryant for the year.


[–]Wizards thinkrispys 16 指標 3小時前

Injuries played a big role. Just about every player on this team has missed 5+ games and their center position was super lacking.

They still played down to their opponents a lot though. Brooks has got to go.



[–]West albundy66 50 指標 3小時前

beal and westbrook are the only reason he has not been fired



The mid range is actually something the Jazz struggle a lot with defending. People constantly say Gobert can't defend the perimeter, however I'd say he struggles more with spot up 2s.


[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 26 指標 3小時前

The Jazz were understandably gassed in the 2nd quarter (11th game in 18 days,) were down 19 with a little over 8 minutes to go, and still managed to turn this into a thriller down the stretch. That game went from blowout to "holy shit what the fuck is happening" real quick.


[–]Suns OutZoned 19 指標 3小時前

Jazz are really really good


[–]Celtics BlakeG3E 6 指標 3小時前

Mitchell has been great for a while now, on an excellent run. Playing like an all star, arguably All NBA level.

But I don’t understand how you can watch him and say he is better then a guy like Booker, or better then Gobert, or that he should be in the MVP conversation.







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